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10 Things to Remember About Donors

D onors are human. Donors give money for a reason. Donors are busy. Donors have their own way of doing things. Donors have worries of their own. Donors are not ATM’s. Donors can give more than just money. Donors care about the results. Donors cannot read your mind. Donors like to have fun too. [...]

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7 Reasons Why Donors Give

Donors are as unique as the the reasons why they give. However, there are some general reasons why donors give, and we have listed them below along with one main reason why they they may not give (or stop giving). 1. Mission-driven Donors are attracted to your organization because they believe in your mission. [...]

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What is Donor Relations?

Donor relations is comprehensive effort of any nonprofit that seeks (is seeking) philanthropic support to ensure that donors experience high-quality interactions with the organization that foster longterm engagement and investment. In clear terms, donor relations is the building of a relationship with your donors which will then foster long-term philanthropic relationships with your donors. [...]

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