onors are human.

Donors give money for a reason.

Donors are busy.

Donors have their own way of doing things.

Donors have worries of their own.

Donors are not ATM’s.

Donors can give more than just money.

Donors care about the results.

Donors cannot read your mind.

Donors like to have fun too.

Be sure to connect with your donors. Find commonality with your donors or share personal stories. They are just like us and want to be valued and appreciated. They have good and bad days and have feelings. Remain authentic and transparent with your donors. Share some good results and even some not so good results if it’ll build connections with your supporters. In addition, show your donors you care about them and their commitment to your organization. Invite them to a donor breakfast, lunch or a donor appreciation in order to show your appreciation. Do not forget to include your volunteers in donor appreciation.


(some information incorporated from Alonzi, Alta, https://www2.fundsforngos.org/featured/10-things-remember-donors/ )