Donors are as unique as the the reasons why they give. However, there are some general reasons why donors give, and we have listed them below along with one main reason why they they may not give (or stop giving).

1. Mission-driven

Donors are attracted to your organization because they believe in your mission.

2. They desire to make a difference

Donors want to feel their gift has a direct impact in solving a need.

3. Personal satisfaction

Donors feels good when they give to charitable organizations.

4. Family and upbringing

Charitable giving is a family tradition which they may have learned as a child.

5. Personal stories

They connect emotionally with the stories told by the charitable organization.

6. Religious beliefs

Research shows that most religions teach good will and caring for others. (Giving USA’s 2017 Special Report on Giving to Religion discovered that 62 percent of religious households give to charity of some kind-religious or secular).

7. Social networks

Social media and the ease of online giving has increased the popularity of peer-to-peer giving.

One reason why donors stop giving…

…they feel their gift no longer matters to the organization.

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