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10 Things to Remember About Donors

D onors are human. Donors give money for a reason. Donors are busy. Donors have their own way of doing things. Donors have worries of their own. Donors are not ATM’s. Donors can give more than just money. Donors care about the results. Donors cannot read your mind. Donors like to have fun too. [...]

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7 Reasons Why Donors Give

Donors are as unique as the the reasons why they give. However, there are some general reasons why donors give, and we have listed them below along with one main reason why they they may not give (or stop giving). 1. Mission-driven Donors are attracted to your organization because they believe in your mission. [...]

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What is Donor Relations?

Donor relations is comprehensive effort of any nonprofit that seeks (is seeking) philanthropic support to ensure that donors experience high-quality interactions with the organization that foster longterm engagement and investment. In clear terms, donor relations is the building of a relationship with your donors which will then foster long-term philanthropic relationships with your donors. [...]

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Nonprofit Data Integration: Why Streamlining Improves Donor Retention

Historically, nonprofit data integration has been laborious and expensive. Separate systems have often been used for accounting, payroll, CRM, social media, email marketing, volunteer management, crowdfunding, events and other needs. But now, with cloud computing and integrated data, nonprofits can streamline operations, improve donor targeting, retention and reduce costs. Nonprofit Data Integration Improves Operations Today’s nonprofit [...]

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7 Requirements for Year-End Nonprofit W-2 Preparation

Nonprofit W-2 preparation is basically the same as for-profit businesses, but with some additional considerations based on the type of nonprofit you are (more on that below). Like any other business, nonprofits and their employees are subject to payroll taxes even though 501(c)(3) charitable organizations are exempt from paying income taxes. Nonprofit W-2 Preparation [...]

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IRS and #GivingTuesday

The Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers looking to maximize their tax savings before the end of the year to consider charitable giving. Many taxpayers may already be planning to do so for Giving Tuesday on November 28. Giving money or goods to a tax-exempt charity before December 31 can usually be deducted on that [...]

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Do I need money to start a nonprofit??

We are asked many times, does it cost money to start a nonprofit? Even when we don't receive that question, when we are meeting with a young nonprofit, we still come across this topic. We find that this question is asked so often because there is a gap in correlating the management of a nonprofit [...]

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Governance vs Management

As a nonprofit, do you know the difference between governance and management? Do you know which of these responsibilities is assigned to the Board of Directors? Governance! Governance is the fiduciary duty of care which consists of rick prevention, management and compliance specific to program, finance and governance. Overall management of a nonprofit organization [...]

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